Coolangatta Airport: Gateway to the Gold Coast

Coolangatta is an eclectic southern border town boasting a typically Australian chilled-out vibe and, it should be noted, owes its reputation to a lot more than its incredibly convenient Gold Coast Airport. A popular holiday destination for local Australians, due to it being generally less crowded than more visited hubs like Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach and Brisbane, this gorgeous beachside hub offers a plethora of fun, relaxing and adventurous activities for visitors of all ages. The best part of Coolangatta however, is the fact that it is ideally located within just a short drive to some of the most amazing Gold Coast attractions around. So lose yourself in this titillating beach holiday destination and, when you’re ready to explore further, simply rent a car and take yourself on an adventure of a lifetime.

The best of Coolangatta

Stunning pristine beaches and sparkling blue waters is what the Gold Coast is revered for, so it may not surprise you to learn that Coolangatta’s most beloved activities are centred on and around its seemingly endless picturesque coastlines. If you’re planning to get wet and wild on your Australian vacation then rest assured you’ve come to the right place!

Best of the sea…

Coolangatta has the best diving and snorkelling spots in the whole Gold Coast and it is here that you can get up close and personal with turtles, leopard, hammerhead sharks, clown fish, gropers and a vast array of superbly colourful fishys. You could also give surfing a try (which, incidentally, is much harder than it looks) by visiting one of the many surfing schools dotted along Greenmount Beach and Rainbow Bay. These two particular spots, along with Coolangatta Beach, are not only ideal for those who are just learning to surf, but also for those travelling with young tots in tow; the calm and protected waters making them ideal swimming hubs for the youngest or less adventurous visitors. If you want to catch a glimpse of seriously wicked surfers strutting their skills however, we suggest you had to Point Danger and Kirra Point, long considered a gold Coast mecca for more experienced boarders. Whilst reaching all these incredible beaches is easily done on foot or public transport, opting for a cheap car hire deal may well save you loads in travel time and convenience, so keep that in mind when planning your trip.

Best for adrenalin junkies…

Want to get an adrenalin rush without getting wet? Oh do we have the thing for you! Coolangatta is home to the Gold Coast’s only tandem skydiving centre, so getting that pulse racing in the air as opposed to surf is super easy. If you’ve never experienced the total exhilaration that comes from skydiving, then make sure you add this most unbelievable activity to your list of must-dos. It’s every inch the bucket-list contender!

Best for retail therapy…

For those who want a little more sedate flavour to their vacation and prefer not getting scared witless on holidays (we don’t blame you), rest assured that Coolangatta also offers plenty of perfectly relaxing activities. You can indulge in superlative shopping in one of the half a dozen malls scattered in and around town or by leisurely browsing the 150 stalls at the brilliant Arts and Crafts Market held on the second Sunday of every month which, by the way, is worth scheduling your vacation to coincide with. Beachside shopping strips abound so although you may need a Gold Coast Car Rental service to reach the outer spots, diving into a spot of retail therapy after a day at the beach also can’t be beat. All of this comes complete with fantastic health spas as well as brilliant eateries and bars; so if you are dreaming of an idyllic Gold Coast vacation with all the trimmings, get packing and head to Coolangatta Airport pronto!